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Ricky Frost

Bring back individuality, empowerment and happiness

From ages 7-18
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YEP Clubs. Authentic, bold and brave

"Sport is an empty vessel and we fill it with our own meaning"..... what is your club filled with?

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Once learning how our inside world operates can we become authentically compassionate, kind and caring to others.

Sports Are The New Village
Club are more valuable now than ever in creating psychosocial wellbeing
YEP Club Authentic, Bold and Brave
Testing the fortitude of young Men and woman with sport
The New Role of the Mentor in Sport
All successful participant in sport have two things in common, a leader they can trust and a coach who knows what to say
Setting up a culture of great
If the community spoke about your club, what would they say? YEP creates culture!
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Wellbeing Education Workshops

Workshops are designed in levels that flow into one another.

Workshop Levels 1-2 teach the participants about the acceptance of life, the place were children/adolescents can make change as they learn to fully embrace their emotions and learn how to deal with them in positive ways.

Level 2 (Coming Home) gives children a platform of emotional safety that encourages them to take risks, realising positive feelings are never too far away. Coming home gives them the skills to emotionally regulate. A skill they will take into adulthood.

Level 3 teaches the power of choice and initiates the reflective question, Who am I being now? and its implications on personal health and the self talk that choose who I am being at any moment.  

Level 4 realises that transparent and vulnerability open the doors of ones authenticity. Showing the true self empowering and trust in self. This is the identification and trust in individuals gifts that individuals should share with the world. Their unique signature. 

Level 5 explores the concept of healthy boundaries that protect a childs wellbeing and sensitives and begin the journey towards being a whole person. 

Finally, comes Level 6, double happiness. The authentic happiness for the success in other peoples lives. 

Finally we understand that the model always recycles and new challenges and joys enter our lives, where we learn again, the value of acceptance, Level 1, The courage to Embrace

Optional Workshops

We control our bodies and with awareness our thoughts, thought sometimes we forget our power.

Bullying and peer pressure is about learning our own boundaries. One of the most important life-wellbeing lessons

The difference between fitting in and belonging is substantial, but how do they really vary?

Ricky Frost

After beginning in Education, Rick moved into Social and Emotional Education, co-creating wellbeing content and curriculum whilst facilitating it to teachers, parents and students. In 2015, he began YEP (Youth Empowerment Project) that focused the skills of wellbeing and empowerment in schools and sporting clubs. Soon employed to specialise in Male education and council young men and woman, he mentored hundreds of students and begun to notice common themes of disempowerment in the youth. He later went abroad to study a Masters in Human Rights, and how children are protected by international law and which global trends are disrupt communities, families and children. Rick has also worked on projects with the European Union aimed to empower the youth and teach innovation and entrepreneurship and design thinking which focuses on how countries are preparing for the new technological age. Ricks true passion is the generation of tomorrow and how we can guide them and their ideas to inject hope and optimism that sees them take over a new world.

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Phone: +61 469 334 012
15 De Carlo Street, Brunswick 3056, Melbourne
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