Ricky Frost

After beginning in Education, Rick moved into Social and Emotional Education, co-creating content and taught within the school curriculum and teaching in to students, understand what creates successful wellbeing in students. In 2005, he began YEP (Youth Empowerment Project) to focused in schools and sporting clubs. Soon employed in the specialties of Male education and council for young men and woman, we mentored hundreds of students and begun to notice common themes of disempowerment in the youth. He later went abroad to study Human Rights, and how children are protected by international law and which global trends are affecting tomorrows world. Rick has also worked on projects with the European Union on projects that are empowering our youth with projects on innovation and entrepreneurship learning, Data Literacy which focuses on how countries are preparing for the new technological age, Ricks true passion is the generation of tomorrow and how we can guide them and their ideas to inject hope and optimism that sees them take over a new world. Change happens on child at a time.