Anger is fire coming out. And it may come out from children in the most unexpected ways. Though, when the dust settles, ask them to wonder about their actions. Was it a release of anger coming out for healing, the source unknown? A thought triggering a response? or was it fuel for creation, the desire to take appropriate action and create?

If it was the fire of anger coming out, it will soothe and assist emotional wounds, activated through suppression. Possibly Non-participation in activities or the rise of frustration from unexpected changes in lifestyle eg. Covid restrictions. Though if it was “frustration for creation” ask them what action they like to take to create change and teach them that they can use this fire for creation.
(see for healing sounds)

Although moments of anger are arduous to observe, there is a perspective with viewing. Stifled, trapped or suppressed energy will eventually surface as the body always wants to regain its space and harmony. Whether this happens naturally and organically in a safe place with caregivers or later on in one life will have different consequences.

When harnessed productively the “fire in the belly” is a powerful sensation that can get things done and some of the great positive changes in our lives and community have come from a strong desire to create.

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