Sport “can” create tolerance

As the soccer Titans come together overnight, visiting the cultural impact of sport for development is important. Sport is an empty vessel, it’s neither good nor bad and the meaning we give it makes it so. Sport can separate and unite. Soccer brings together Israeli – Palestine children to play. This challenges cultural bias with […]

They over-care too much!

When a child overcares “cares too much” they begin to scan for unnecessary outcomes and learn patterns of overthinking and attitudes of over-controlling. This creates an emotional imbalance. Apart from learning to change their thinking, Presence and awareness of the body is a skill that ensures wellbeing. When children learn to feel their body, they […]

Anger, healing or fuel for change

Anger is fire coming out. And it may come out from children in the most unexpected ways. Though, when the dust settles, ask them to wonder about their actions. Was it a release of anger coming out for healing, the source unknown? A thought triggering a response? or was it fuel for creation, the desire […]

A clubs immune system

CLUBS ARE THE NEW VILLAGE, “THAT RAISE THE CHILD” Teaching the youth that their every word, action and deed adds or subtracts to the wellbeing of their community/school or club is subtle but powerful. When behaviours are positive, it builds immunity in the individual and club reuniting connection and belonging. This ignites trust, safety and […]

The moment of truth, coaches really matter

Studies are identifying exactly what takes place between the interaction of the coach and participants. This term is coined the “moment of truth” as the quintessential interaction between the coach and the participants that can affect the outcome of an activity. YEP works with groups and individuals to develop social and emotional skills see

A great club creates space to talk

When clubs facilitate safety for participants, it helps children communicate and discuss experiences, creating mutual understanding, and develops the skills of empathy that helps unite a group. In groups, children can confide in each other and the opportunity for meaningful conversation can be initiated. This can create social and emotional healing.

More than a game

Some reasons why recreation changes kids lives. Sport is a powerful social tool, bringing together people from different ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds; Sport plays an important role in improving physical and mental health and fostering active citizenship and social inclusion; Sport is a good entry-point for the promotion of life skills-based education […]

Guide their story

Do they tell a story coming from unworthiness, ask them to explore it from a place of gentleness and curiosity. Befriending themselves and their stories young is a skill they will carry their entire life.

Every breath you take

Feeling the warmth within our body, the hug of the gravity connecting us to the earth, the fluidity of movement that awakens our inside world, the potassium, calcium and sodium that our bones share with the compounds of the earth and the water inside us that replicates our great oceans …. When we remind kids […]

Chernobyl 35 years on

Disasters, natural or manmade, are a part of life that torrents into our consciousness. Some kids build the fort and fight the torrent, while others allow the flow to stream forth, with little resistance. The kids have a new world of rapid change where international events are instant headlines. Acceptance is the wind at their […]