Small Group online learning.

The courage to embrace.

Today our youth find themselves ruminating, dwelling of stories created by their minds stimulated by external events such as the media/stories and rumours. However, many of these are not their stories, and if learnt, be let gone own.

The courage to embrace has the goal of teaching the youth to take back their power, and come back into their bodies, where they belong.

The group small session will cover the questions,

1. What is rumination verses Personal Empowerment (positive emotions)

2. The value of self-awareness and techniques for becoming aware.

3. The health benefits of being in our body and aware (out of our minds)

4. The Observer and the Thinker in us.

5. What is a Stimulus and responses (Event and a behaviour)

Each participant shall receive supporting documentation to share with caregivers to help support their wellbeing as well access to a guided meditation to support their learning.

Numbers will be strictly limited per group.

Sessions are online

Session will be 2 lots of 30 mins with a 10 minute individual follow up on how they personally applied the skills.

Year 3+44:30 – 5:00Apply skills4:30 – 5:0010 min individual follow up (evening)
Year 5+65:00 – 5:30Apply skills5:00 – 5:3010 min individual follow up (evening)

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