Anger, healing or fuel for change

Anger is fire coming out. And it may come out from children in the most unexpected ways. Though, when the dust settles, ask them to wonder about their actions. Was it a release of anger coming out for healing, the source unknown? A thought triggering a response? or was it fuel for creation, the desire […]

The village once raised the child, now the clubs do

Clubs are wonderful parts of community. Dance, football, scouts, wherever the youth congregate for a mutual goals. Increasingly, today, clubs act as a refuge for kids to display there authenticity and experience new vulnerabilities in safe ways. As the new seasons approach, will clubs leave their culture to chance, or proactively take measures to make […]

Authentic and Dreamy

Walt Disney also walked around saying I can see fun there, fantasy here and a mouse over there as Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner completed a parachute jumpedĀ from a height of 38,969.4 metres to break the sound barrier in free fall. Encourage the dream of the child and trust their imagination. This was the seed of […]