When a child overcares “cares too much” they begin to scan for unnecessary outcomes and learn patterns of overthinking and attitudes of over-controlling. This creates an emotional imbalance.

Apart from learning to change their thinking, Presence and awareness of the body is a skill that ensures wellbeing.

When children learn to feel their body, they cue into their emotional intelligence (their guidance system) which allows them to positively negotiate their way through obstacles.

In body awareness, there is less reaction to excessive thinking as attention is placed on their own being. This further begins important processes of the heart/body and mind working together in coherence creating a whole child.

A valuable skill is as follows,

Have the child;

  1. Place a hand on their heart so to identify its position
  2. Think of a positive emotion such as care, compassion, kindness or appreciation
  3. Slow their breathing rate
  4. Breath into their heart (see heartmaths for more https://www.heartmath.com/science/)

Care transforms families, communities and is the doorway to global resonance. Care brings compassion and kindness alive though, overcare burdens goodness with confusion guilt and resentment.

Although youth sensitivities may be misunderstood, modern times call for a new type of sensitivity and their particular energy has its place on the New Earth.

Youth sensitivity may be the gift that harmonises a hostile world, soothes international tensions, balances an unstable climate and collaborates a trusted economy as their exceeding care reaches out in new ways with compassion and openness.

Our role is to teach the youth about their place of empowerment.

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