Wellbeing Education Workshops

Workshops are designed in levels that flow into one another. The initial workshops, Levels 1-3 work on the individual inside world and learners relationship with themselves. Level 4 is the learning of our individuality. Finally,  level 5-6 works on the relationship and connection to others. 

YEP works with; Year level cohort learning as well as in smaller mentoring groups.

Our greatest opponent to happiness is allowing ourselves to feel what is happening in our internal world. Relationship to self

Confidence is being able to quickly come back into self trust, self care and alignment. True resilience. This is coming home.

Wellbeing involves perspective and the tweeking of misdirected beliefs and self talk, a key component of happiness.

Becoming ourselves is the only way we can begin to feel belonging. Being Authentic, Vulnerable and Transparent.

Once we understand ourselves and our boundaries, we can then become uplifting to others.

An uplifter has created a steady resolve and understand they influence because they have learnt to be themselves.

Optional workshops

We control our bodies and with awareness our thoughts, thought sometimes we forget our power.

Bullying and peer pressure is about learning our own boundaries. One of the most important life-wellbeing lessons

The difference between fitting in and belonging is substantial, but how do they really vary?